Sai Bhandara

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Bhandara is organized here every day at 12:30 pm. Every devotee who comes to this temple is given a full meal. “Just as Sai Baba says that no one should remain hungry, similarly no one should leave the court of this Sai Kiran Dham hungry” and you can take advantage of the service by participating in this holy service, and you can donate as per your own wish.

Daily services-

• * Every morning at 6:30 -Tea.
• *Every day at 9:00 am – Breakfast.
*Every day at 12:30 am -Bhandara.
*Every Thursday at 7:30 pm -Bhandara.
*Every day at 7:30 pm milk for small children and elderly.
• *Grass for cows and milk for dogs.
*Medicine for the needy and poor
*Quilt for the needy (in cold weather)
*Soap and oil for those in need