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Shri Sai Kiran Dham Mandir, Ramkund Nashik ………

Destroy the sins committed in Kaliyuga, so that the Sages have referred to Kalimallari as such,
Shri Sai is situated in Shirdi on the Ramkunda of Nashik, situated on the banks of the Goddess Kumbh, on the banks of the Goddess ……. The place where the goddess baths of Kapalaishwar Darshan are in the Sai Darbar in Shirdi with the blessings of Lord Rama … .. This is the Sai Kiran Dham Temple at Ramkundav of Nashik ……. … ..

Only the memories of Shirdi’s Saibaba should be disturbed by the memories … and we all go to Shirdi to see Darshan …. The beautiful idol of Sai … .. The same idol made by the same holy white marble, the same idol created by the talisman, will give blessings to thousands of devotees coming to Nashik.
Yes! This is the truth … If you have seen the beautiful mud of Shirdi in the court of Shirdi, then Sai Kiran Dham temple of Nashik will realize that Hubebub Shri Sai has been honored … ..
The Shroff family of Deotali Camp met Talim Saheb from Mumbai, who wanted to do the mirror of Shirdi. This talent Sahebani today has made the idol of Shirdi’s idol of Shirdi based on the foundation of millions of devotees around the world. He saw immense faith in the Shroff family and prepared the same Akhtar Hubbehug idol in Marraksh in the year 1970.
God’s grace on the teaching of Saheb is that the unique equivalent of both the images …………
Every day Shri Sai has been serving the Shroff family in Devloli camp.
As the smell of devotion slowly spread to the area, Sai Bhakta Shroff became crowded at his residence … ..
While many years started this sequence, Sai devotees desired that they should replace this idol in a temple ………
If you want to replace the signed snake, then it would have been a place like this …. Shroff family of Saint Baba Shri Uddhav Das sadasi of Ramkunda should come to Shri Gurmandir permanently … ..
In the year 2000, it was decided that the idol of Lord Sai, which was opened in twelve years, could not be another good place like Shri Gurumandir.
After changing the temple, Shri Gurumandir was shifted to the upper floor and in the first half of the month, in the last three days, in the mausoleum of Brahmin Vrinda, Shri Sage Mohandas Sadasy and Mrs. S. Baba Uddhav Das sadasi, At the hands of Sheetal Mohandas Udasi, the soul transformation of Shri Sai Murti was established.
The significance of bathing and bathing on Ramkunda is very important in the Goddess of Shankar. When devotees come to Ramkunda around the world, they move towards many ancient temples in the vicinity. In this ancient temple, there is a glimpse of Sai Baba with the Darshan of Vishnu Shankar Hanuman.
According to the Sai temple of Shirdi in Shree Sai Kiran Dham Mandir, the order of worship ceremony is. Various festivals are celebrated in the same festivals as here.
Sai Bhandara … … solution to give !!!!!!!!
Shri Sai Kiran Dham is performed from the beginning of the rituals on every Thursday evening. If the devotee wishes to increase his employment in the Sai Prakruti’s birthday, his birthday, the birth anniversary of the child’s birthday, then he started organizing a sai repository for such a number of reasons for his success in the business if he got better from the disease.
Many people have started contributing to the food grains like Sai Kiran Dham, and many people have started contributing to the food grains as they come to the people of Shirdhi after the Shraddha ceremony in Ramkunda of Nashik.
Sai Bhandara started slowly doing it for three days and four days, slowly and slowly, it was said that there was a break in the day. Shirdi also said that many Bhai Bhaktas and devotees of pilgrims had expressed their desire to perform Sai Bhandara.
Lastly, Shri Baba Mohan Das udasi, Temple Serviceman, accustomed to accumulating Bhai Bhai on this issue.
Along with the Bhavnares of Thursday evenings, from January 2013 onwards, the Nityayam temple, after 12/00 pm Sai Baba’s aarti, is providing free food subsidy to the poor. For devotees and pilgrims, devotees give donations at their will, they are getting satisfaction of distributing their hands and giving food to the poor people in the real sense
Sometimes the devotees can not attend the food grains, they have the facility to watch live food directly through internet.
Today, in the SRI Kiran Dham temple, every one hundred and three hundred and fifty people are taking advantage of the food grains. For the purpose of feeding, the best quality is used for all the things that are needed to make delicious Khichdi by removing various vegetables and spices without the onion garlic. The food is served on the ground in the steel belt. There is no need to take any kind of dirt and garbage in the area.
If you want to donate food at a time, then today it will cost Rs. 3, 3,000. All the responsibilities of some devotees have been given, but no account of such a huge amount of money is being provided, so people have the convenience of giving their wishes.
Donating …..
The interested person can get their receipt by paying a donation in the Sai temple or, for the money can be made in the bank account of the sevadari Mohandas Udasi, ……………………… ………………… in this bank ……………….. to account number …. ………….. can be deposited on the IFC Code ……………….
Sri Gurumandir …
After the partition of Indo-Pak in 1947, after coming to Sindh province, after receiving Saint Kirtan saint Baba Uddhavdas sadness, his family came to Nashik and he established a Gurmandir on Ramkunda. Since Sindh province has immense faith in sadness, Sindhi devotees visiting Nashik temple are going to meet this temple.
Many devotees had problems getting the facilities at Ramkunda, and when they talked to their miserable father Baba Udasi, in the presence of Baba Udasi, in 1995, they provided facilities for locking in the Gurumandir and to provide guidance to their prayers. By providing Guruji’s service to the heart ..
In front of this Guruji, along with the Sindh province, the ancestors of the families of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, unbroken Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi, before them, had an ancient record of worship before the arrival of Nashik and everyone came to visit their goddess Guruji.
As soon as the devotees got their traditional dynasty Guruji available in the Gurumandir, and they got proper guidance regarding the worship ceremony, they were stopped. These devotees have good facilities because of their convenience in the temple.
Ganga Jal and Prasad are provided free of cost to the devotees who came after the worship ceremony, which is on the upper floor of the Gurmandir Saibaba temple, and on the left side of the Sai temple, which can go to the Gurumandir.
Nashik Godavari Panchavati Mahatmya ….
Nashik is the epic of Lord Brahma.
In order to create the universe, Lord Brahma made penance for 12000 years in Padmanas in Manu Yuga, hence one name of Nashik is Padmagari.
Gautam Rishi challenged Shankara and brought Godavari river to the earth to get rid of the sins of cow slaughter in Trimbakeshwar and destroy the sins of people in Nashik.
The liberation of Brahmabhya was conferred on Shankara.
To get rid of Vrinde’s curse, Vishnu got his beautiful appearance by bathing on Ramkunda
Lord Rama spent most of his time in his stay here. The land which was purified by their position In fact, Lord Rama saved the Rishi Muni and people by destroying the demons. Laxman defeated the demon heroes of Nashik as a nihilist, killing Rama and killing Rishi Muni. Laxman received the name of Nashik as the nasik piercing of the Shrukkhekha nasika, after receiving the name of the Nashik city, for the five rishiputras, These nominations were received.
Some of the Amrit Kalsa, which is situated in the sea of ??Goddess Dana, fell in Themb. Hence Nashik, which is situated in Kumbh Mela, is considered as the pilgrim center of Hindu Dharmis. There are a large number of people coming to the pilgrimage here.
Godavari is also the southern channel of Ramkunda. It is the direction of South Yama. If there is any patriarchal work in this area, then it is believed that the soul receives the virtue of the soul.
There is a mention in the Ramayana about Ramayana that Baba Dasaratha performed Shraddharma in Ramayana.
It is a story of mother-in-law Parshuram who has done this in Shraddha of his mother Renuka.
Ramkunvar the asthivilaya tirthata if immersed ashes gets liberation and ashes water mrtatmyala so asthivalanya pilgrimage in the world with Mr sector, but the country is at Nashik over the world come to our pitarance asthivisarjana, cremation, Shraddha, pitrdosa prevention and Nashik other religious activities gouda snanabarobara at Hindu religions
The bones of many celebrities have been immersed in political, film, industry, social services, etc. Many grand memorial monuments have been constructed here in memory of their memorial after the immersion of Mahatma Gandhi’s bones.
The devotees get relief in Goddess bath, religious rituals, charity religion, then Ram Sita, Sundaran Narayan, Kapaleeshwar and other devotees..